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Deutsche Bahn – PZ Reisendeninformation Customer Story

Travel Giant Deutsche Bahn Deploys Traveler Information Solutions with Rancher for Container Orchestration

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Illumina Innovates with Rancher and Kubernetes

TNO uses Rancher to Manage Containers, APIs, and more

Cetera Uses Rancher to Streamline Containerization

Nuxeo Uses Rancher to Help Clients Manage Data Assets

Kloeckner.i Uses Rancher to Implement CICD

LateRooms Optimizes Container Orchestration with Rancher

Accelerating Health Research with Rancher at IHME

Viasat Optimizes Container Management with Rancher

Vente-privee & Rancher: Taking Production Deployment from Days to Seconds

Arvato Adopts Microservices with Rancher and Decreases Server Costs

Our customers and users making headlines

Rancher 2.0: Exciting Features You Should Know About

July 26, 2018

Rancher 2.0 was made GA (generally available) on May 1st, and there is quite a bit to be excited about. Providing a managed Kubernetes distribution, Rancher is deterministic in deployment and lightweight in installation.

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Bare Metal K8s Clustering at Chick-fil-A Scale

July 19, 2018

At full scale Chick-fil-A will be running Kubernetes at the Edge in each of our 2000 restaurants. That means roughly 6000 devices at the Edge running Kubernetes.

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Rancher Labs: Treating Cattle like Cattle

July 18, 2018

Rancher Labs recently ran an analyst day in San Francisco. The event had thirteen customer speakers, which, given Rancher claims to have 200 paying customers, is a pretty decent chunk of the installed base.

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What IBM is doing with Rancher

June 29, 2018

Ever since we launched, Cognitive Class has hit many milestones. From name changes (raise your hand if you remember DB2 University) to our 1,000,000th learner, we’ve been through a lot.

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Building Enterprise-grade Kubernetes from scratch with Rancher Labs

December 5, 2017

Following my journey in evaluating and building Enterprise-grade Kubernetes from scratch on VMware ESXi hypervisor with different software stacks / frameworks, my next stop is to take a good look at what Rancher Labs has to offer.

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Automating Infrastructure Deployment for Kubernetes - Alena Prokharchyk & Brian Scott

November 16, 2016

Many organizations run Kubernetes clusters in a single public cloud like GCE or AWS, and as a result have reasonably homogenous infrastructure needs. In these situations deploying Kubernetes clusters is relatively straightforward.

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See what some of our customers
and users say about Rancher

  • IBM Analytics
    "We’ve been able to migrate a massive implementation of VMs to containers using Rancher, saving money and improving the service we deliver to more than 1 million users."
    Leon Katsnelson,
    Director & CTO, Emerging Technologies
    "Moving from VMs to Rancher’s orchestration has been a massive benefit for us."
    Steve Elliot,
    Performance and Reliability Specialist
  • Kloeckner
    "It’s much easier for us to sell ideas internally with the tools and cohesive UI Rancher provides. For us, it’s made microservices tangible for our entire organization."
    Nick Thomas,
    Senior Developer
  • Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHMEI)
    "Anything we can do to make the deployment process simpler and faster is an excellent way for us to focus on what we do best."
    Andrew Ernst,
    IT Operations Manager
  • TNO
    "With Rancher, the time it takes us to set up development and production environments and to upgrade services on these environments has decreased significantly."
    Johan van der Geest,
    Scientist Innovator
  • Blippar
    "With Rancher, we get to finally focus on coding."
    Clement Dal Palu,
    Senior Data Architect, Blippar
  • DemandBase
    "Moving to containers and leveraging Rancher allowed us to reduce deploy times from hours to minutes, while helping to reduce our infrastructure footprint."
    Michael Waltz,
    Senior DevOps Engineer at Demandbase
  • DStv
    "Rancher has made running and migrating to Docker "Simpler, Better, faster" right from inception all the way to Production. It is an awesome product and suite."
    Greg Van Wyngaard,
    Systems Architect
  • Bravissimo Ltd
    "Rancher hits that sweet spot of providing powerful container orchestration capabilities without adding too many layers of complexity"
    Luke Bennett,
    Customer Systems Development Manager
  • Orange France
    "Rancher's user-friendy UI, the way you can manage containers, the services, the easy installation, really make the difference."
    Florian Le Galudec,
    Ops Engineer
  • Sling TV
    "Using Rancher 2.0 increases our efficiency and provides our engineering teams with more time to focus on creating the next great innovations that will help Sling TV build upon its leadership position."
    Brad Linder,
    Cloud Native and Big Data Evangelist
  • Cetera
    "Containers are changing how we build and run applications at Cetera, and Rancher has provided a platform that enables everyone to understand and adopt this technology."
    Naiden Calintaru,
    Enterprise Architect
  • Tozny
    "Rancher management console is easy to use for all members of our team and allows them to stop worrying about the complexity of hosts, containers, and networking when deploying applications."
    Ben Reichert,
    DevOps Engineer
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