Enterprise Kubernetes Made Easy

Kubernetes is a powerful engine for running containers. With Rancher 2.0, manage all Kubernetes distros, all clusters, on all clouds. One sleek vehicle for a powerful engine.

Learn How Rancher Solves Enterprise Kubernetes Challenges

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Rancher makes it easy

Run Kubernetes Anywhere

Deploy Rancher’s Kubernetes distro anywhere or launch cloud Kubernetes services from Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

Meet IT Requirements

Centrally manage all Kubernetes clusters, access control, infrastructure and security policies.

Empower DevOps Teams

Simplify adoption of Kubernetes with an easy to understand UI, application catalog and integrated tools.

What Rancher Adds To Kubernetes

Unified Cluster Management

Rancher centrally manages multiple Kubernetes clusters. Rancher can provision and manage cloud Kubernetes services like GKE, EKS, and AKS or import existing clusters. Rancher implements centralized authentication (GitHub, AD/LDAP, SAML, etc.) across RKE or cloud Kubernetes services.

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Application Workload Management

Rancher offers an intuitive UI, enabling users to run containers without learning all Kubernetes concepts up-front. Rancher includes an application catalog, enabling one-click deployment of Helm and Compose templates. Rancher implements integrated alert and log aggregation and turn-key CI/CD pipelines.

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No Vendor Lock-In

Rancher is 100% open source and every Rancher deployment includes a natively-implemented, upstream-Kubernetes distribution with no forks, making it easy to adopt the latest stable release and upstream bug fixes in a timely manner. With Rancher, you avoid vendor lock-in, but keep the flexibility to use the tools and infrastructure add-ons you want, whenever you need them.

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Centralized Policy Management

Rancher makes it easy for admins to create security and RBAC policies that can be easily used across any Kubernetes clusters. An RBAC policy is a set of permissions granted to users to act upon resources in a cluster.

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World-Class Support

Rancher makes day-to-day Kubernetes operations a breeze. You can easily stay up-to-date with a stable Kubernetes release as well as adopt upstream bug fixes in a timely manner. You should never again be stuck with old, outdated and proprietary technologies. Expert support is available 24X7.

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Why Customers Choose Rancher

  • Ease the learning curve and drive the adoption of Kubernetes

  • Setup, integrate and automate CI/CD pipelines quickly

  • Manage complex microservices applications

  • Manage an application catalog and deploy clustered applications with a click of a button

  • Implement operational best practices with integrated monitoring and security
  • Build and operate Kubernetes clusters on any cloud, VMware cluster, or bare-metal servers.

  • Provision cloud Kubernetes clusters like GKE, EKS, and AKS.

  • Integrate with Active Directory, LDAP and other IT services.

  • Implement consistent authentication, role-based access control, and security policies across multiple Kubernetes clusters

  • Implement operational best practices with integrated monitoring and security

The Rancher

Learn how Rancher is different from other solutions like GKE, EKS, AKS, Kops, Kubespray, OpenShift, and more.

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Rancher 2.0:
Technical Architecture Guide

Learn the workflow for code development, continuous integration and deployment, as well as zero-downtime updates.

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